Min. LB Version

Description Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU Gateway

Version 0.0.8

  • Problem with conf creation

Version 0.0.7

  • possibility to select DEV source
  • Spanish translation - thanks to Madito

Version 0.0.6

  • Problem with cfg removing

Version 0.0.5

  • Loglevel control

Version 0.0.4

  • German language added - many thanks to AlexAn
  • separated logfile according to services
  • gateway configuration can not be removed if service is active
  • Link to wiki according to language

Version 0.0.3

Version 0.0.2

  • Autoupdate possibility added

Version 0.0.1

  • First pre-release



The current release can be found here:

All releases are listed here:


The plugin can be installed as zip file into Loxberry. Similar to all other plugins. Min. version of the LoxBerry have to be!

Configuration options

You will need at least one USB to RS485 converter. On aliexpress it costs from 1$.

If you need more gateways with different settings, you need one separate one USB to RS485 converter for each settings.

First click at the "New gateway" button. In the list of the serial devices click at one, that correspond to your new USB to RS485 device.

Default configuration for that device is automatically done and redirect you back. New device should be selected and below should be detail configuration (if it's not, click at gateway).

Change the details according to your requirements and Save it. Now you can run the service. Click at "Start service" button. If you need more gateways, click at the "New gateway" button ...

Gateways must not have the same port!

Functionality of the plugin

The Modbus Gateway is the sw Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU Gateway, that can be used instead of the Modbus Extension. It convert Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, which is supported by the Miniserver.

This plugin uses mbusd.

Setup in the Loxone Config Software

click at Miniserver Comunication in the Miniserver tree. Then click at Modbus Server icon.

Server is inserted. Change parameters according to Gateway in LoxBerry.

Next it's same as with Modbus Extension. Click at icon "Sensors and Actuators" and select corresponding device tamplate, or create device manualy. It's necessary to check checkbox "Order of registers"!


Separate log for each Gateway service - released in v0.0.4

Asking questions and reporting problems

Questions about the plugin will be answered in this wiki page. Please report your errors here. English or Czech language, please.