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Plugin articles with this label should be double-checked, especially the content of the table on the top.

In the row "Download" only direct download links to the zip file should be placed.  If this row is missing in your plugin, please look into another plugin and create the column on the same place. The link in the "Download" row should not link to the forum, nor to the release list or the repository frontpage. Also, in the column no text should be placed, and only one single link.

Background of this formality:

  1. We will force the direct download by url in the Plugin Management widget, as too many errors occour on uploading with different browsers. Users should directly get the link to paste it to the URL field, and they should not need to seek for the download.
  2. Possibly in the future, we offer an automatic download/installation of plugins within the UI, and therefore we need a clean data structure. As we don't want to move to a clumsy and unflexible data management system, where dropping a plugin would be a pain, we all together need to attempt to get a clear structure in this flexible wiki, to get things automated.

Cam-ConnectChristian WörstenfeldApr 07, 2019
CalDAV-4-LoxSven ThierfelderMar 31, 2019
Text2SIPChristian WörstenfeldMar 27, 2019
Alexa2Lox 2.0Peter BazalaFeb 13, 2019
RaumserverL. FischnallerFeb 12, 2019
https2httpChristian WörstenfeldDec 29, 2018
DNSmasqChristian WörstenfeldDec 23, 2018
RPi-MonitorChristian WörstenfeldDec 05, 2018
GPIOJörg SiedhofNov 14, 2018
Text2speechOliver LewaldNov 05, 2018
BLE-ScannerChristian WörstenfeldOct 11, 2018
Synology Surveillance StationAndiOct 10, 2018
DynDNS-RefresherChristian WörstenfeldAug 25, 2018
KNXdChristian WörstenfeldMay 31, 2018
Stats4LoxMichael SchlenstedtMar 28, 2018
LoxBerry HA BridgeMichael SchlenstedtMar 11, 2018
TTS-EnginePeter BazalaMar 01, 2018
SML-eMonChristian WörstenfeldFeb 20, 2018
APC-UPSChristian WörstenfeldFeb 20, 2018
mFi® Controllable Power OutletsPeter BazalaFeb 14, 2018

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