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LoxBerry Compatibility

This feature first is available with LoxBerry 1.4.0.

From Version 1.4 on the LoxBerry Core offers a Remote Support feature. With this feature you (as a developer) can remotely login into your "customer's" LoxBerry and try to fix some of their problems they may have with the LoxBerry or your Plugin. You have fully access to the LoxBerry as if it would be connected to your own LAN. You can point your browser to the LoxBerry's Webinterface or connect with SSH, FTP, SMB or whatever. Behind the scene, the LoxBerry Core uses the software OpenVPN for the Remote Support feature.

So how does it work?

You have to connect with your PC to the LoxBerry VPN network. The needed authentication keys will be provided by the LoxBerry Core Team. It's easy and all you have to do is clicking an icon on your system's tray area to connect.

Your customer has to connect his LoxBerry to the VPN, too. After both sides are connected, you can reach your customer's LoxBerry by it's IP address. But of course not everybody with a LoxBerry can connect their LoxBerrys by themselves:

You as a developer can create a so called "Support Key" on the LoxBerry webserver. This "Support key" has to be entered by your customer in the Remote Support Widget on his LoxBerry. The Support Key will authorize your customer against our server and will let him connect to the VPN network for a limited period of time (the Support Key is valid 3 days only).

Step by Step: Installation

If you are interested in using the Remote Support feature, please write a PM to Michael. As we will give you access to the LoxBerry Webserver, we will grant you access only if you maintain at least one active plugin and if you will be reachable by Whats's App (we have a plugin developer What's App group).

Next, please install the OpenVPN software to your computer:

After installation, copy the provided keys and configuration files (you will get them from the LoxBerry Core Team) to: C:\Users\USERNAME\OpenVPN\config

Now please start the OpenVPN GUI as Administrator (it won't eok with standard user privileges!). After starting the GUI, you will find a new systray icon.



Right click on the icon and choose "Verbinden" or "Connect". You will be provided with a lot of status messages (don't worry about that). After you are connected to the VPN successfully, your IP (in the VPN) will be shown to you.




That's it. You are now connected to the VPN and can support your customers. After you have finished, you should disconnect from the VPN (again just right click on the systray icon and choose "Trennen" or "Disconnect").

Step by Step: Remote Support

If one of your customers ask for support and you would like to give him a remote session, first thing you have to do is to create a new Support Key for him. Login to the LoxBerry Webserver (the URL will be told you from the LoxBerry Core Team) and hit: "Create new Support Key". The new key will be shown to you directly.




You have to tell the Support Key to your customer, Your customer has to enter the Support Key in the Remote Support Widget on his LoxBerry. Then he has to click on "Connect". That's it.




Now everything is prepared to connect to your customer's LoxBerry. The only thing you still need is the new IP address of your customer's LoxBerry. The LoxBerry Website will show you this IP address - just search for the Support Key you gave to your customer:



In this example, your customer has the Virtual IP Address "". So connect your browser or PuTTy to this IP Address and you will have access to his LoxBerry. of course he still have to tell you his user credentials.


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