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Min. LB Version

LB 1.0

DescriptionSyslog Server (not only) for Miniserver logging
 Version History...

Version 0.0.5

  • Service restart after cfg change

Version 0.0.4

  • Correction of the 'ü' in German

Version 0.0.3

  • German Language added - many thanks to Riesenschnabel

Version 0.0.2

  • Add Czech language
  • Language corrections
  • Link to wiki

Version 0.0.1

  • First pre-release


Functionality of the plugin

The Syslog Server use the standard rsyslog package. It's possible to receive log entries from another system and stored them in separate log file.

For analyzing of log files is used Adiscon LogAnalyzer


The current release can be found here:

All releases are listed here:


The plugin can be installed as zip file into Loxberry. Similar to all other plugins.

Configuration options

First click at the "New" button. Fill in a unique name and IP address of the Miniserver. It's all. Configuration of the rsyslog and LogAnalyzer is done by scrypt.

Setup in the Loxone Config Software

Click at Messages in the Miniserver tree. Then click at Logger icon (or you can change settings of your current logger).

Logger is inserted. Fill name. In the "Address of Logger" fill something like "/dev/syslog/". Use IP address of your LoxBerry!

Alternatively, you can use the entry "/dev/udp/", where "514" is the standard listening port of rsyslog. If you want to use another, you can change it in the /etc/rsyslog.conf as root.

Finally assign a new logger to where you need it.

Alternatively, you can use the entry "/dev/udp/", where "514" is the standard listening port of rsyslog. If you want to use another, you can change it in the /etc/rsyslog.conf as root.

Finally assign a new logger to where you need it.

Log Analyzer

In the upper right corner you can select Language, Style, Source (each configuration = one source), and View (actualy Syslog is best for Miniserver Log).

My parser fill date (date and time), ProcessID (Subject), Messagetype (my internal type - log line type) and Message.

In case of the Miniserver log you should have Loxone(n) in the Messagetype field. Number n depend on settings of the rsyslog. If you don't change settings, there "Loxone2".

If there is trouble with some messages line from another system, plase, send me part of the log file, and I'll update parser for it.


Solve rotated logs

Asking questions and reporting problems

Questions about the plugin will be answered in this wiki page. Please report your errors here. English or Czech language, please.

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  1. Hi, thank you very much for this great plugin. Now i can track the events by ease. By the time i figure out that loganalyzer shows events only from active loxberry.log file and not also from loxberry.log.gz.... Is it possible to set Loganalyzer to show also the older events(located in *.gz)? If not, is it possible to change logxberry.log file size or rule when the tarball is created, or to disable it ? i have mounted the external hard drive into /opt/loxberry/log/plugins/syslogserver/, checked that the folder has correct rights and made sure that the log file is created without problem. I use loxberry version 1.4. How is possible to restart this plugin without restarting the whole loxberry? thank you very much

  2. Hi,

    I have set it up, but I see Syslog file could not be found in the Log Analyzer. I am running loxone v10 so I have put full /dev/udp/miniserver_ip/514

    any idea?



  3. Radovan I'll try to find solution in next release. At the moment I'm to busy. Sorry. I've added problem to roadmap.

    KubaBuba I'm running v10 too. In Address of Logger in Loxone Config you need to use loxberry address!!! If you use standard rsyslog port, you can use /dev/syslog/loxberry_IP.

  4. Hello,

    this is what I had before. But it looks like that Loxone is not sending data to the stream. As wireshark on my pc is not receiving anything.

    Do I have to set all function blocks/inputs/output to log to this Logger? I though that there is a possibility to catch all the activities in loxone without needing to configure this?

    -ad1 - I have set up explicite logger for one of the buttons/switch and it also does not log anything... in the LOG TAB in Lox Config I see for example Alarm PIR to log 0/1 but also I dont see this anywhere over syslog.



  5. Tomas Zmatlikthanks for the Plugin, just wondering if roadmap could include emailing logs with certain frequency