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  1. Make sure you've got the plugin running. You can check that by heading to, where is the IP address of the LoxBerry, and you should get a 404. If not, make sure the service is active. Service should start at boot time, so restarting the LoxBerry should suffice to bring it back.

  2. Make sure you have got at least one server configured. If so, head to, where is the IP address of the LoxBerry, and you should see some JSON with a fake configuration. If not, there is probably a bug in the service.


  •  Write better documentation, both in this page, the LoxForum, and the GitHub project.
  •  Automate releases.
  •  Make auto-upgrades work.
  •  Translate the plugin to other languages.
  •  Make the configuration page better.
  •  Support zone favorites via UI.
  •  Support line-in and other sources of audio.
  •  Show shuffling and repeating.
  •  Get full list of files and favorites.
  •  Provide data for streaming services provided (Spotify, etc.).