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The general.cfg will still be maintained automatically by LoxBerry for legacy. It is not intended to let general.cfg completely die, so your plugins stay running. But new features (like MSv2 https/ipv6) will not be maintained in the general.cfg anymore. To use new features of LoxBerry in your plugins, we recommend

  1. Perl: Switch to the LoxBerry libraries LoxBerry::System, LoxBerry::Web, LoxBerry::IO, for config files LoxBerry::JSON
  2. PHP: Switch to the LoxBerry libraries loxberry_system.php, loxberry_web.php, loxberry_io.php. Maintain config files in PHP's native json functions.
  3. Node.js, Python, Bash...: Use LoxBerry's environment variables, and our json configuration files: general.json, plugindatabase.json to get data from the user configuration.