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LoxBerry 2.0.1 Stability Release

Konkrete Version: PRE-RELEASE

Für Benutzer | For users


  • Apache mod_rewrite: Apache mod_rewrite is now installed and enabled. 
  • For plugin installations, the sd card instead of the ramdisk is used now. This makes a limitation by the ramdisk size obsolete. No changes are required in your plugins.
  • For plugin installation, as sd card is slower than ramdisk, we optimized the installation process for performance and to lower sd card writes and reads. E.g. Weather4Lox installation is about 40 seconds faster with less disk writes. 
  • validate.js: Fixed number-min-value/number-max-value also recognizes numbers with comma (comma and dot both accepted as comma)
  • loxberry_log.php (PHP): Fixed warnings in logging SDK
  • (Perl): Fixed Empty files are now detected, and treated and saved as valid json files
  • Plugin Uninstall:
    • Uninstall script now is executed BEFORE deletion of all files. You now can do a clean shut-down of your plugin. 
    • Uninstall script also gets plugin's name and folder commandline parameters (see How to create a plugin wiki article)
    • Plugin Uninstall now creates a logfile.
    • Output of your uninstall script is kept in the log (independent if your script returned an error or not)
    • Both install and uninstall logfiles are kept after uninstall. 
    • Find logfiles in Log Manager / Plugin Installation. Find the group 'Installation' and the new group 'Uninstall'.

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