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Aktuelle Anzahl der Installationen (1507.0911.2019)Current number of installations (1507.0911.2019)2.717 932 LoxBerrys (2.541 718 Raspberrys, around 170 210 VMs and some other hardware),
LoxBerry ist verfügbar in diesen SprachenLoxBerry is available in these languagesEnglish, Czech, Dutch, German, Spanish
Unterschiedliche Plugins verfügbar und in VerwendungPlugins available and in use70 72 different plugins in use (not counted are plugins with less then 4 installations), from 25 plugin developers
Releases seit LoxBerry 1.0Releases since LoxBerry 1.020 21 releases, all updatable by LoxBerry Update, and without reoccuring, daily enforcement popups
Entwicklungs- und Testzeit für LoxBerry 2.0Development and testing time for LoxBerry 2.0Nearly 4 More than 5 month since LoxBerry, the longest period since the release of LoxBerry 1.0
Anzahl der Code-Änderungen seit LoxBerry 1.0Number of changes since LoxBerry 1.01.575 commits665commits, 846 857 files changed, 62 64.966 224 lines added and 23and 24.556 lines 058 lines deleted
Anzahl der Code-Änderungen seit LoxBerry 1.4.2Number of changes since LoxBerry 1.4.2235 325 commits, 178 277 files changed, 1418.962 831 lines added and 48.929 042 lines deleted
Github Themen (Issues)GitHub issues

Anniversary issue #1000 was created on 30.07.2019 by Michael ("Create own ramdisk for LoxBerry") and successfully finished on 10.09.2019. And yes, this anniversary issue had it's ups and downs (more downs than ups ;-).

The oldest issue closed with LoxBerry 2.0 was #241 "IPv6", created on 12.11.2017 and implemented with LoxBerry 2.0 on 06.07.2019.