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  • Pressing "Save" triggers no authentication check against the Miniserver. Use the "Check Miniserver authentication" button to test the access to the Miniserver before saving.
  • Changing the Miniserver settings/credentials after plugins are already running, may require to restart the plugins or, depending on the plugin, even a restart of LoxBerry.
  • LoxBerry supports special characters and umlauts, but older plugins may have problems with umlauts. We recommend to create an own loxberry user in your Miniserver (add it to the Administrators group), with a secure, long password, but without special characters. 
  • Checking the configured Miniservers is part of LoxBerry's Healthcheck. If no Miniserver is configured, or Miniserver configuration is not complete, it will generate a warning. If the Healthcheck cannot access your Miniserver with it's hostname/ip, or it cannot authenticate with the configured credentials, it will generate an error.