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  •  "Miniserver UDP Port" 11883 (UDP) is the port, the plugin is sending data to the Miniserver if sending via UDP is enabled. For UDP transmission, this port needs to be configured on your Miniserver at the Virtual UDP Input. MQTT→Plugin→Miniserver (UDP). 
  • "Gateway UDP-In Port" 11884 (UDP) is the port where the plugin is listening on LoxBerry for incoming messages from the Miniserver. This provides the possibility, that Miniserver can send messages to MQTT devices. Miniserver→Plugin→MQTT
  • Mosquitto Broker-Port 1883 (TCP) is the port, where the broker is listening to connections from MQTT devices. You need to configure this port (together with hostname/ip of LoxBerry) on your MQTT devices (like Tasmota, ESP-Easy, Shelly etc.)
  • Mosquitto Broker-Port 8883 (TCP) is the secured (encrypted) MQTT broker port. Currently port 8883 is configured to use TLS-PSK. The connecting client needs to support TLS-PSK with TLS at least v1.2. The PSK is shown in plugins credentials settings. It is automatically created and cannot be changed in the webif.   
  • Mosquitto Broker-Port 9001 (TCP) is the MQTT Websocket port. MQTT Websocket clients can connect to this port with the same credentials. TLS currently is not supported. The WebSocket port is configurable in the Setting tab. 

MQTT Devices