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  • Navigate to the log section and open the first log. Check for error messages.
  • If you see errors and cannot manage to solve them, submit the full logfile.

MQTT Gateway warns about no connection to broker

Mosquitto and Gateway are running, but the Gateway sends warnings to the log that it cannot connect to the broker.

  • If "Use local Mosquitto broker" is enabled: 
    • Check the hostname and port, it should be localhost:1883
  • If "Use local Mosquitto broker" is disabled:
    • Check the hostname and port, username and password of your remote broker
    • Try to ping the hostname on the shell, or try it with the ip address.
  • Check your subscriptions! Mosquitto immediately closes the connection when a syntax error occur in your subscriptions. 
    • An indicatior for this issue is the connection process in the logfile. On an syntax error with subscriptions, the Gateway logs in to the broker sucessfully, and also successfully sends its Last Will. Later, after subscribing, the Gateway warns about no connection.
    • Common syntax errors:
      • shellies# → wrong! shellies/# → correct 
      • fhem/+room/temperature → wrong! fhem/+/temperature → correct
      • espeasy/## → wrong! espeasy/# → correct
      • espeasy/#/temperature → wrong! espeasy/+/temperature → correct

Ports of the MQTT Gateway