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The 26th September is the European Day of Languages, proclaimed in 2001 by the Council of Europe.

We are proud to have such a variaty of culture, rites and languages all over the continent, unified in the European Union.

Starting with LoxBerry 1.0 - BEYOND THE LIMITS, LoxBerry has a fully integrated language engine, supporting the system widgets as well as every plugin. With the Translate widget, it is possible to easily translate the system and plugins to your native language, directly in the web interface.

We have set a goal for LoxBerry: 

For 26th of September 2019, on the European Day of Languages, and directly in the week of the LoxBerry 2.0 Pre-Release, we ask you for your support to provide Loxberry's system language and plugin languages in every users native language.

Of course, you may be the only user that speaks that language - this should be as much more the motivation to translate LoxBerry 2.0 and your used plugins to your language.

We do not like "robot" translations. LoxBerry in your language should also feel like a "native-speaking" LoxBerry, with all the variations of style and expression.

If you like to arrange with other users, please use this article's comments to arrange with others, to avoid doing translations twice. Feel free to use your native language in this article!

Submit LoxBerry translations to the LoxBerry-Core team (here, in the LoxForum, or on GitHub).

Submit Plugin translations to the Plugin authors (if you don't know the contact, drop it at our GitHub as well, with remark of the plugin name).

We will publish your new LoxBerry 2.0 languages with LoxBerry Update with all the new languages our community has submitted. Please give us some infomation (how you wanna be called in public) to honor you in our What's New and in the version list. 

Thanks! Merci! D?kuji! Hvala! Danke! Dank u! ευχαριστ?! Köszönöm! Grazie! Takk!  Dzi?kuj?! Obrigado! Mul?umesc! ?akujem! Gracias! Kiitos!