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NameName (not hostname!) of the Miniserver

These two fields return the full http/https root url to connect to the Miniserver, including encoded credentials, considering CloudDNS and the PreferHttps setting.

FullURI contains the credentials URI-encoded, FullURI_RAW holds the credentials in UTF8 (not encoded, including umlauts/special chars). Depending on your lib, use this or that.

http://<Admin>:<Pass>@<IPAddress>:<Port> or https://<Admin>:<Pass>@<IPAddress>:<PortHttps>   Without trailing slash.

(from LB 2.0.2+)

IPAddressIP address (or hostname) of the Miniserver
IPv6Format0 or 1: This is an indicator flag, if the above IPAddress is an IPv6 address (1) or an IPv4 format or hostname (0). This does not indicate if the receiver is IPv6 (a hostname also may be an IPv6 host), but only flags the format of the field. With IPv6, in some libraries it is required to put an IPv6 address in [ square brackets ] to be possible to add a port, e.g. for http requests. This flag can be used to know if square brackets should be added or not. (from LB 2.0.2+)
Porthttp Web-Port of the Miniserver
PreferHttps0 or 1 - LoxBerry and plugins should use https instead of http (from LB 2.0.2+)
PortHttpshttps Web-Port (from LB 2.0.2+)
TransportDepending on PreferHttps, the result is a string "http" or "https" (from LB 2.0.2+)
AdminMiniserver user to login (URL encoded)
PassPasswort of the login user (URL encoded)
CredentialsAdmin:Pass combination (URL encoded)
Admin_RAWMiniserver user to login (not URL encoded)
Pass_RAWPasswort of the login user (not URL encoded)
Credentials_RAWAdmin:Pass combination (not URL encoded)
NoteUser specified note or link
UseCloudDNSReturns 1 if a Loxone CloudDNS connection is needed
CloudURLThe MAC address of the Miniserver used for CloudDNS
CloudURLFTPPortUse get_ftpport instead, to fetch the correct FTP port.
SecureGateway1 if this Miniserver should use encrypted REST calls (currently not used)
EncryptResponse1 if the response from encrypted Miniserver REST requests should be encrypted (currently not used)