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Min. LB Version

LB 1.0

ZweckSyslog Server (not only) for Miniserver logging
LanguagesEN, CS, DE
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 Version History...

Version 0.0.5

  • Service restart after cfg change

Version 0.0.4

  • Correction of the 'ü' in German

Version 0.0.3

  • German Language added - many thanks to Riesenschnabel

Version 0.0.2

  • Add Czech language
  • Language corrections
  • Link to wiki

Version 0.0.1

  • First pre-release


Functionality of the plugin

The Syslog Server use the standard rsyslog package. It's possible to receive log entries from another system and stored them in separate log file.

For analyzing of log files is used Adiscon LogAnalyzer


The current release can be found here:

All releases are listed here:


The plugin can be installed as zip file into Loxberry. Similar to all other plugins.

Configuration options

First click at the "New" button. Fill in a unique name and IP address of the Miniserver. It's all. Configuration of the rsyslog and LogAnalyzer is done by scrypt.

Setup in the Loxone Config Software

Click at Messages in the Miniserver tree. Then click at Logger icon (or you can change settings of your current logger).

Logger is inserted. Fill name. In the "Address of Logger" fill something like "/dev/syslog/". Use IP address of your LoxBerry!

Alternatively, you can use the entry "/dev/udp/", where "514" is the standard listening port of rsyslog. If you want to use another, you can change it in the /etc/rsyslog.conf as root.

Finally assign a new logger to where you need it.

Log Analyzer

In the upper right corner you can select Language, Style, Source (each configuration = one source), and View (actualy Syslog is best for Miniserver Log).

My parser fill date (date and time), ProcessID (Subject), Messagetype (my internal type - log line type) and Message.

In case of the Miniserver log you should have Loxone(n) in the Messagetype field. Number n depend on settings of the rsyslog. If you don't change settings, there "Loxone2".

If there is trouble with some messages line from another system, plase, send me part of the log file, and I'll update parser for it.

Forward Syslog to QNAP NAS

If you forward the syslog-messages to QNAP NAS the Log Analyzer is not receiving any more these messages!

Logger assignment in Loxone Config Software as per below snap required:

that version will work, but allocation of Logger name is not possible:

change loxberry (loxberry.conf) config file located in "/opt/loxberry/config/plugins/syslogserver/rsyslog.d/" to

:fromhost-ip, isequal, "MS-IP" /opt/loxberry/log/plugins/syslogserver/loxberry.log
$template RFC3164fmt,"<%PRI%>%TIMESTAMP:::date-rfc3339% MS-IP MS-Host %msg:7:200%"
:fromhost-ip, isequal, "MS-IP" @NAS-IP:514;RFC3164fmt
& stop

adaption of placeholders according your values:

NAS-IP = IP adress for your QNAP-NAS with running syslog-server (e.g.

MS-IP = IP adress for your Miniserver (e.g.

MS-Host = Name of your Miniserver (e.g. Loxone_Miniserver)

The "loxberry.conf" can be downloaded/uploaded via ftp client software (e.g. filezilla)



<13>1 2018-11-18T18:37:22.741611+01:00 Loxone_Miniserver - - - Loxone_Miniserver Logger_Fenster;FK_10_Buero_AUF#015
<13>1 2018-11-18T18:37:33.270795+01:00 Loxone_Miniserver - - - Loxone_Miniserver Logger_Fenster;FK_10_Buero_ZU#015

known issues:

  • MS-Host is repeated in Message column
  • LF (#015) is shown at the end of the Message column

Asking questions and reporting problems

Questions about the plugin will be answered in this wiki page. Please report your errors here. English or Czech language, please.


  1. Notes about Loxone compatibility. seems to be queuing the outgoing log messages and sends them to the syslog server after 30 minutes (warning) from the last one. Also /dev/syslog/<ip> seems not to work, only /dev/udp/<ip>/514

    Can anyone confirm?

  2. Ist there already apossiblity, or a plan to implement a "forward" to a synolgy syslog server like you did it for Qnap?

  3. Author of the QNAP enhancement is Chris. I don't have any QNAP or Synology NAS, so I'm not able to help you.

  4. Jörn Seifert : I do not have a Synology NAS, but the procedure should be nearly the same. The Loxberry will forward to your server all messages if you use the config as mentioned in the text.

    The format is defined in the second line of "loxberry.conf".

  5. Hello - i've installed the Syslog Server - and a Logger in Loxone - but i get no entrys - what can be wrong?
    Loxberry Version: V1.4.3 LoxBerry 2.0 Preparation Release


    Please Help - Thank you

  6. Hi all....

    The same problem like Ronald Scherzer.

    All settings are done like the manual, but there are no data....

    Loxberry: (vmware)


    Thanks for Help.

  7. Jörn Seifert

    I use the UDP Log with a Synology NAS. Use the app "protcol Center" to get some logs from your miniserver.

    at the logger you need to put the upd string /dev/udp/IP-Adress/514.

  8. Since an config update/change I receive some messages "0" and "1" without any further information.
    I've checked all my "loxberry Syslog" messages, but I can't find a entry without any description.

    How can I figure out "what" is sending these messages?

    Loxberry: (Hyper-V)


    Thanks for your Help

  9. Now, after a further restart of the miniserver I get other values: "4", "7", "8".

    I have no idea from where they comes.

  10. Gutes Plugin. Funktioniert bei mir genau so, wie ich es mir vorstelle.

    Für die Zukunft wäre ein täglicher eMail Versand schön.

  11. Can I set "saving syslogs" after reboot system? All syslog records are deleted, when I reboot system or loss power...