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Shelly Bulb allows the simple on and off commands and status, as well as setting the color, brightness and effects using a json payload.

To control the bulb with a simple on-off switch functionality, use:

  • shellies/shellybulb-<deviceid>/color/0/command accepts on and off payloads
  • shellies/shellybulb-<deviceid>/color/0 is used by the device to report its current on-off state

For controlling other paramters of the LED channels publish to


Device expects a JSON payload on this topic, with the following sample contents:

    "ison": false,   /* bool, can be set with on and off commands */
    "mode": "color", /* "color" or "white" */
    "red": 0,        /* red brightness, 0..255, applies in mode="color" */
    "green": 0,      /* green brightness, 0..255, applies in mode="color" */
    "blue": 255,     /* blue brightness, 0..255, applies in mode="color" */
    "white": 0,      /* white brightness, 0..255, applies in mode="color" */
    "gain": 100,     /* gain for all channels, 0..100, applies in mode="color" */
    "temp": 4750,       /* color temperature in K, 3000..6500, applies in mode="white" */
    "brightness": 100,  /* brightness, 0..100, applies in mode="white" */
    "effect": 0 /* applies an effect when set */

mode controls which set of parameters are used:

  • red, green, blue, white and gain determine output power when mode is set to color
  • temp and brightness determine output when mode is white

effect is specified as an integer, see description above

An identical JSON payload will be published by Shelly Bulb on


Subscribers can use this to obtain the latest device state.

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