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UserGuide: https://shelly.cloud/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Shelly25_UserGuide_EN.pdf

20% More powerful, 30% Smaller, 50% Increased range,
100% Protected, Dual power metering

Extremely small: just 39 x 36 x 17mm (30% less volume then Shelly2)
2x10A or 2x2300W max load
Separate power meter for each channel
Internal temperature sensor for overheating protection
Fully protected inputs (allow N and L to control)
External antenna on second PCB
Precise overload protection
Roller shutter mode
Easy accessible programming header
Integrated reset button (You can reset also from the switch)
Led status light
MQTT, REST, CoAP enabled

Same price: 19.99 Euro
Pre-orders starts from: 15.Feb
Expecting shipping date: 20.March

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