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Not all parameters are required. 

PACKAGExThis is, where the message belongs to. In a plugin, always use the variable $lbpplugindir.
NAMExThe notification group, this notification belongs to.
MESSAGExThe message to be sent.

If you omit this parameter, an informational notification (severity 6) is created.

If you specify the severity, use a level from 0 to 7 (see the log levels here: plugindatabase.dat)

Use 6 for info or 3 for error. Other levels currently are undefined.


This optional parameter can be used to add a link with a "Details" button.

Setting the LINK parameter and filling it with an internal or external hyperlink, will show a "Details" button in the get_notifications_html page.


This optional parameter can be used to add a local path to a logfile.

get_notification_html will show a logfile button to directly open the logviewer, if the LOGFILE parameter is found.

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