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LoxBerry provides PHP system modules to reduce the effort to write plugins. It provides functions to paint the LoxBerry layout templates, and adds features to get system configuration data from LoxBerry.


The PHP LoxBerry SDK is only compatible to LoxBerry V1.0 and above. If a function requires a higher LoxBerry version, this is pointed out on top of the function documentation.

Search PHP LoxBerry SDK only

This is the function specification of the LoxBerry PHP libraries. This libraries are shipped with LoxBerry and provides the guarantee to be function compatible to higher versions of LoxBerry.

These modules can be used in webinterface code as well as in daemon code. 



The Wiki comment function can be used to add more examples, or show tricks with the SDK (like you know it from the PHP documentation). But please, ask your questions in the Developer board in LoxForum. (Don't hasitate to write in English).

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