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$ftpport = LBSystem::get_ftpport($msnr);

 Miniserver's FTP port is not included in Loxberry's configuration because it is requested on-demand by a webservice call. This function additionally supports Loxone CloudDNS and therefore always returns the correct FTP port.Parameter of the call is the list number of the Miniserver from get_miniservers (starting with 1). If you ommit a number, the function returns the FTP port of Miniserver 1.

It returns the FTP port configured for CloudDNS, if CloudDNS is enabled.


HTTP request

The functions get_ftpport triggers a webservice call against the Miniserver. If the function is called multiple times, the result is cached.


require_once "loxberry_system.php";
$miniservers = LBSystem::get_miniservers();
$ftpport = LBSystem::get_ftpport(1);

echo "Miniserver $miniservers[1]['Name'] uses ftp port $ftpport.";
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