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LoxBerry plugins usually are developed in Perl or PHP as the major language, and the scope of the Bash SDK will not reach the level of Perl and PHP SDKs, but the word sounds great, and the Bash LoxBerry "SDK" integrates completely into LoxBerry and the higher language SDKs.

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As bash is only used as helper, the scope of bash functions is to optimize things around the installation scripts and helpers for Perl and PHP.

Basically, all features work in that way:

  1. In your bash script, you source LoxBerry's SDK function script. All the SDK scripts are located at $LBHOMEDIR/libs/bashlib/.
  2. LoxBerry's function script initializes functions, variables etc. in the scope of your script. Parameters tothe SDK script may be given before by defining global vars in your script.
  3. You call LoxBerry's functions in your script.

Please see the documentation for examples how to implement each SDK script.

Generally, in bash scripts you should make use of the global system environment variables instead of hardcoding pathes. 

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